Barcode Shmarcode

Friends, Countrymen, L33t hackers, Barcode Shmarcode is BACK for another year. Last year you blew our minds by submitting almost 30 entries!  We can only hope that this year will have as many unique and fun ideas as last year.

What is Barcode Shmarcode? What is at stake? Why the hell should you care?

Barcode Shmarcode is an opportunity for you to express your geek creativity.  Find the coolest, l33t3st, most hacker-ish way to print your barcode and bring it to the con. 

Based on the following criteria, the top 3 contest entries will win a coveted ShmooCon barcode for next year, enabling them to bypass the F5 apocalypse and NOP SLED to victory:

  • Originality - critically important 
  • Best use of theme
  • Best use of Materials

The rules are simple:

Oh who are we kidding - there’s only one rule:  Your barcode must must scan and be valid for your entry to be considered for judging.   If it does not scan to a valid Shmoocon registration barcode, it is not a valid entry!  We will be using a Motorola DS4208 scanner to verify your barcode - the same scanners used at registration.

We will be available near the registration desk (Look for the goons in Unallocated Space T-shirts) on both Friday and Saturday, with results  being posted during closing ceremonies.

This year’s theme is Steam Punk… We don't know about you, but we really like Steam Punk, now let’s make our barcode displays referencing them. The theme is not required, it’s recommend you try to abide by it, but an awesome submission that doesn’t could still win. We’re all hackers here, do what comes natural.

Past Entries include:


  • Bow to my firewall cake
  • Encom badge
  • Airsoft ShmooTank for shooting a certain Dave


  • Shmoomeister
  • Airplane Boarding Pass
  • Arduino with a red LED
  • Beers
  • A laster pointer with something wrapped in electrical tape attached to it
  • Shmeat
  • Framed cross stitch 
  • Various (temporary) tattoos     

Let us know if you have any questions!