Ghost in the Shellcode

Once again, the Ghost in the Shellcode CTF returns to ShmooCon. With the success of last year’s MMORPG/CTF “Pwn Adventure 2”, it’s time to up our game, and up it we have. Pwn Adventure 3 is here, with a brand new Unreal Engine 4 core upon which we’ve built one of the first open-world MMO’s just for the Ghost in the Shellcode CTF.

So come and join us on Pwnie Island in this truly unique CTF experience that blends game hacking, first-person shooter and role-playing mechanics.

Just like last year, some challenges will be exclusive to the 3D interface, and others will be traditional “Jeopardy Style” challenges on our web interface.

If you didn’t bring a gaming laptop, no worries, the low-end settings for Pwn Adventure 3 support many integrated chipsets, and many challenges can be done without actually playing in the game interface. As for challenge types, Pwn Adventure 3 includes many game-hacking specific challenges, but we also are preparing all the usual GitS challenges you’ve come to love (or hate): pwnable binaries, web challenges, forensics, reverse engineering, and others.

Hours: Friday Jan 16th @ 1530 EST - Sunday Jan 18th @ 1230 EST

Location: Jefferson West (note the contest runs continuously online, but the local room does shut down outside of conference hours)

More info:

           (no pre-registration required, sign-up online any time after the game starts)

Note: every year we put small gimme flags in our printed program text, but nobody ever solves them, so this year we gave up. Just visit us online or in-person and you’ll have plenty to try to capture there