Ghost in the Shellcode

ShmooCon is turning 10, and Ghost in the Shellcode has reached the ripe old age of five.  We're continuing our tradition of a lightning teaser round followed up by the finals played at ShmooCon as well as on-line.

We're kicking things off this year on Saturday January 4th 2014, from 2pm EST until all our teaser questions have been solved or we get bored and shut it down. 

As usual, we'll be giving away prizes of ShmooCon passes (worth their weight in gold-encrusted bits!) to the top teams and hope to see them come visit us in DC at the finals.

For more information, check out previous teaser rounds on


As usual, the finals will be hosted concurrently with ShmooCon and in-person teams have the benefit of joining us at the Washington Hilton in DC, January 17th, 2013-January 19th. They will also be able to score some small in-person-only points. If you're not available to play in person, we still want you to participate online where most teams will be playing.

We try to make many challenges accessible, but they range in difficulty from "takes CTF masters days" to "just google it". The best thing you can do to prepare for any CTF of course, is to check out other CTF challenges. In our case, almost all our previous challenges are available online in our archives at So practice up, and be ready.

For more info, keep an eye on and