Hack Fortress

Hackfortress is back for it's 4th year at Shmoocon. This year is stacking up to be no less exciting for the competition than previous years.

With two brand new Oculus HD Rift's planning to make an appearance at this years competition, virtual immersion into TF2 will play an even bigger role during this round (and this time without the nausea). Don't worry though, we'll still have the two original Rift's on hand for a challenge (or as a form of punishment or just to amuse the judges). 

Just as in years past, the competition will consist of a team of 10 players competing to score more points than the opposing team during each 30 minute match. Six players will play Team Fortress 2 against six players on the opposing team. The four remaining players on each team will do their best to solve puzzles while the TF2 match is happening. These puzzles have a direct impact on the game just as the game has a direct impact on the puzzles. One new twist this year is that we plan to offer payload and KoTH maps during this year's matches.

Just as in years past, this will be a single elimination tournament starting at 10:00am on Saturday. If you win all of your matches, you'll play a max of 3 rounds (45 minute finale).

If you think you have what it takes to defeat the current champions (Team Zelda) and claim the golden wrench, drop us a note.