Hack Fortress

Hackfortress is back again at Shmoocon. What is Hackfortress? Ever enjoyed solving puzzles? Great, so do we. Ever enjoyed setting someone on fire in a video game? Great, so do we. (if you said yes and WEREN'T imagining yourself in a video game, stop reading this and seek professional help immediately). Hackfortress gives you the opportunity for you and your closest 9 friends (or people you just met) to solve puzzles/challenges and potentially blow up your opponents or set them on fire.

What you need to know now is that if you've got a team and want to sign up, do it early. We fill up quick. Don't have a full team, but still want to play Tf2 or Hack? No worries, drop by our spot and we'll get you hooked up with a group. If you sign up, or if you just want to check us out be sure to look for our iPhone or Android app or follow us on Twitter (@tf2shmoo).

Hackfortress by the numbers: It's 30 minutes of non-stop, no holds barred, hacking and Team Fortress 2 action. In those 30 minutes, 6 Tf2players and 4 Hackers will square off against another team of Tf2 players and hackers. Your goal: to score as many points as possible. How do you score points? By solving hack puzzles of all shapes and sizes. Those range from the ridiculous to the obscenely technical. You can also score points in Tf2 by doing what you normally do in that game: Dominate, kill, capture, take revenge. That's not where the fun ends though.  Want to block your opponents from submitting a challenge?  Want to set them on fire?  Of course you do. Who wouldn't?   As you accomplish tasks you'll earn coins that can be spent in our "hackconomy". Once the thirty minutes is up, the team with the most points wins.

Note: We provide the systems to play TF2, but hackers need to bring their own gear. Make sure your system has a wired ethernet port as the main hack network is old school and uses actual ethernet cables.