So come on already...tell us what's up!

Posted On: 2010-11-02 11:02:04

After a night of load testing and tweaking a number of settings, we're feeling much better about things.  As it currently stands, we've streamlined our apache installation and it seems to handle many more connections.  It's not perfect, and if we were to go live right now we suspect that some of you would still get time out errors if the demand is as high as it was on Monday. 

We're also continuing to performance test the cart itself and the database.  Remember, the server went belly up before we even had a chance to make ticket sales live.  While we remain fairly confident that the cart will work as planned, we're taking advantage of the delay to do further testing.

The current plan is that ticket sales will go live on Thursday, November 4 at Noon EDT.  We will post another update tomorrow morning.

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