ShmooCon 2006

Our second ShmooCon was on January 13-15th 2006, at the Wardman Park Marriott Hotel. We sold out on December 20th at over 600 people. We had many improvements, including super-quick registrations and onsite video production. This was the first year for the Hacker Arcade. Bigger and better, we still had a great time, and we keep on learning.

Keynote - Dan Geer - 

Jon Stewart- Behavioral Malware Analysis Using Sandnets- Video
Dan Moniz, Patrick Stach- Breaking LanMan Forever - Video
Steve Manzuik - Network Policy Enforcement / Network Quarantine - Latest Security Gimmick or Good Idea? - Video
Damin - Asterisk: VoIP for the MassesPresentation Video
Acidus - Covert Crawling: A Wolf Among Lambs - Video
Jon Callas and Special Guests - Responding to Responsible (or Not) Disclosure - Video
Dan Kaminsky - Black Ops Of TCP/IP 2005.5Video
Renderman, Thorn, Dutch, and Joshua Wright - The Church of Wi-Fi presents: An Evil Bastard, A Rainbow and a Great Dane! Presentation cowpatty-3.0 Video
Jason Scott - ConCon: A History of Hacker ConferencesVideo

Beetle - Administrative Remarks  - Video
Keynote (Day 2)- Jennifer Granick - Video

Fyodor - Advanced Network Reconnaissance with NmapVideo
Laurent Butti, Franck Veysset- Wi-Fi trickery, or how to secure, break and have fun with Wi-FiPresentation Video
Ike - FreeBSD jail(8), A Secure Virtual MachineVideo
Simple Nomad - "Hacking the Friendly Skies"Presentation Video
Elonka Dunin - Kryptos and the Cyrillic Projector CiphersVideo
Joel Wilbanks - Do it yourself: Building an Enterprise Class Surveillance SystemPresentation Video
Abend - A Young Gentleman's Primer on the Reading and Emulation of Magnetic Cards Presentation Video
Pedram Amini, Chris Eagle - Reverse Engineering for Fun and BoF It! - 2006 - Presentation Video
Michael Rash - Advances in Single Packet AuthorizationPresentation Video fwknop
Dr.kaos, Digunix, Atlas, Beth - Anonym.OS: Security and Privacy, Everywhere You Go - Video
Lance James - Trojans and Botnets and Malware, Oh My!Presentation Video
Richard Bejtlich, David Bianco - Network Security Monitoring with SguilPresentation Video
Eldon Sprickerhoff - Bitchslapping Wireless IDS/IPS appliances - Presentation Video
Eric Smith - Countering Attacks at Layer 2 - Presentation Video
Merdinger - VoIP WiFi phone security analysisPresentation
Cazz - Snort BoFVideo
Matt Fisher - Web Application Vulnerabilities and ExploitsPresentation Video

Adrian Marinescu - Windows Vista Heap - Video
Deviant Ollam - Lockpicking and Physical Security FundamentalsVideo
Jim Noble - Outbound Content Compliance - Presentation Video
Johnny Long - j0hnny's Greatest Hits: The Best of Johnny Long - Video

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