ShmooCon 2009

Ethan O'Toole and Matt Davis - Open Vulture - Scavenging the Friendly Skies Open Source UAV PlatformVideo
Larry Pesce and David Lauer - Building the 2008 and 2009 ShmooBall LaunchersVideo Slides
Julia Wolf - The Day Spam Stopped (The Srizbi Botnet Takedown) Slides
Greg Conti, Ben Sangster and Roy Ragsdale - Automated Mapping of Large Binary Objects - Video Slides

ean Palka - Phishing Statistics and Intuitive Enumeration of Hosts and RolesVideo Slides
Enno Rey and Daniel Mende - Exploring Novel Ways in Building Botnets - Video Slides
Matt Neely - Radio Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing - All Your RF Are Belong to Us Video
Michael Ossmann and Dominic Spill - Building an All-Channel Bluetooth Monitor - Video Slides
Charlie Miller - Pulling a John Connor: Defeating Android - Video
Nathan Hamiel and Shawn Moyer - Fail 2.0: Further Musings on Attacking Social NetworksVideo Slides
Joshua D. Abraham and Ben Smith - Next Generation Wireless Recon, Visualizing the AirwavesSlides
R. Mark Adams - Hack the Genome! The Age of Bimolecular CryptologyVideo Slides
Crispin Cowan - Stranger in a Strange Land: Reflections on a Linux Guy's First Year at Microsoft Video Slides
Jay Beale - Man in the Middling Everything with The MiddlerVideo
Prajakta Jagdale - Blinded by Flash: Widespread Security Risks Flash Developers Don't SeeVideo Slides
Tyler Pitchford - They Took My Laptop! U.S. Search and Seizure Explained Video Slides
Travis Goodspeed and Joshua Gourneau - Building Wireless Sensor Hardware and Software Slides
Rick Farina - 802.11 ObgYn or "Spread Your Spectrum"  - Video Slides
Matthew Jakubowski, Zachary Fasel and Josh Krueger - The Gentlemen's Agreement: Pwning Friends Legally for Fun, ????, and ProfitVideo
Nick Waite, Burke Cates and Stephen Janansky - Off the Shelf Security Meeting Crime with an Open Mind - Video Slides
Enno Rey and Daniel Mende - All Your Packets are Belong To Us: Attacking Backbone Technologies Video Slides
Dead Addict - Security vs. Usability: False Paradigms of LazynessVideo
Arshan Dabirsiaghi and Jason Li - The OWASP AntiSamy ProjectVideo Slides
David Kennedy -  The Fast-Track Suite: Advanced Penetration Techniques Made Easy - Slides
Sandy Clark - Storming the Ivy Tower: How to Hack Your Way into AcademiaVideo

Matt Weir - Enough with the Insanity: Dictionary Based Rainbow TablesVideo Slides
Chema Alonso and Palako - Re-Playing with (Blind) SQL InjectionVideo Slides
Scott Moulton - Ten Cool Things You Didn't Know About Your Hard Drive! Slides
Chris Paget - EDL Cloning for $250Video
3ric Johanson - RFID Unplugged - Video
Blake Hartstein - Jsunpack: An Automatic JavaScript UnpackerVideo Slides
The Shmoo Group - 0wn the Con - Video Slides

G. Mark Hardy, Mark McGovern, Peter Guerra, and Bruce Potter - Closing Plenary - Are bad times good for security professionals? - Video Slides
Closing Remarks - Video

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