Shmooganography is back for its 10th year, crafted in tribute to the Ghostbusters and their ghoul trapping tech. Praxis Engineering is once again our gracious sponsor, with a spirited $500 cash prize this year (yes, cash). Every year we use various steganographic techniques – some off the shelf, some home-rolled, some intermixed with ectoplasm – to hide information for you to find. Navigate the contest's five levels, each hidden with a code word and a clue for the next stage; be the first with all five code words and their common theme to win. Grab your proton packs, ecto goggles and other low/high tech hacking gear to find each message hidden around the con; cryptanalysis not needed. Log your progress by emailing us at; we'll then post your achievements on the website. Enter into the competition by registering your team (complete with a catchy name) at; it's okay to 'bust solo too. Remember that not seeing is believing : at the con and online...  and never cross the streams!#lookingforghosts #shmoobusters