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Monthly Archives: October 2015

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First Round of Tix Sales Tomorrow….

Are we nervous?  Yes.  No.  Maybe just a bit.  There are few changes this year which shake things up – namely we’re hosting the website somewhere that’s not our own server (all signs indicate this shouldn’t be an issue) and we’re using a new…

Early Accepts – ShmooCon 2016

Here are the first 3 speakers of ShmooCon 2016: AVLeak: Turning Antivirus Emulators Inside Out – Alexei Bulazel When Onions Make You Cry – or – Why We Treat Tor Users Differently – Jim Rennie This Message Will Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds: Avoiding…

CFP Early Bird Deadline is Friday

Just a head’s up – the Call for Papers Early Bird submission deadline is this Friday, October 16.  If you want to be under early consideration get your papers into us soon.  Don’t have time yet?  Don’t worry -the CFP does not officially…

Hotel Block is Open

The ShmooCon room block at the Washington Hilton is officially open.  Use GROUP code SHMOO to get the conference rate of $182/night.  We’re being told that the hotel is pretty booked outside of our block, so don’t wait to get a room if you’re…