We like to give things away. T-Shirt Charities allows us do that – twice. First, we get to give you a t-shirt in exchange for a $15 donation. Then we get to give three wonderful organizations a bucket of cash at the end of the conference.


T-shirt sales only happen during the conference itself. Anytime after 3:00 PM on Friday, you can head to registration and hand us $15. We give you the t-shirt of your choice and a plastic chip. You drop that chip in the charity bucket of your choice. On Sunday we convert those chips back to dollars and gift some charities with some extra funds. It’s all pretty simple, everybody wins, and in our opinion it doesn’t get much better than that.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation is the leading non-profit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world.

hfc-logo_hiresHackers for Charity  is a non-profit organization that leverages the skills of technologists, solving technology challenges for various non-profits and provide food, equipment, job training and computer education to the world’s poorest citizens.

The No Starch Press Foundation is a non-profit corporation created to support and grow the collective knowledge and contributions of the worldwide hacker community.