Do you have what it takes to hack WiFi, Bluetooth, and Software Defined Radio (SDR)?

The Wireless Village is once again holding the Wireless Capture theFlag (WCTF) at ShmooCon

We cater to both those who are new to radio communications as well as to those who have been playing for a long time. We are looking for the inexperienced players on up to the SIGINT secret squirrels to play our games. The WCTF can be completely done with a little knowledge, a pen tester’s determination, and $40 or $4000 worth of equipment; the key is to read the clues and determine the goal of each challenge.

Each WCTF event begins with a presentation: How to WCTF. There will be clues everywhere, and we will provide periodic updates. Make sure you pay attention to what’s happening at the WCTF desk, on Twitter @wctf_us, the interwebz, etc. If you have a question – ASK, and we will determine if we will answer or tell you to go FSK yourself.



To score you will need to submit flags which will range from decoding transmissions in the spectrum, passphrases used to gain access to wireless access points, or even files located on servers. Once you capture the flag, submit it to the scoreboard right away, if you are confident it is worth *positive* points.  Some flags will be worth more points the earlier they are submitted, and others will be negative. Offense and defense are fully in play by the participants, the WCTF organizers, and the Conference itself. Play nice, and we might also play nice.

To play our game at ShmooCon join SSID: WCTF_Contestant with password: Install_Pentoo

Helpful files (in-brief, wordlist, resources) can be found on the web server at

Keep an eye on @wctf_us, and @WIFI_Village for WCTF announcements, pre-con clues, and random shit that we find to be cool.

Twitter @wctf_us
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