As some of you early arrivers are finding out, the TDL bar at the Hilton is under construction.  They had hoped to have it done by the time we arrived, but clearly no joy.

Here’s what is happening instead:

First, the McClellan’s sports bar is still open.

In addition they are setting up a “Hacker’s Lounge” on the International Terrace (one floor up from the con) where you will be able to purchase food items and, later in the evening, adult beverages.

This will be open with the following hours:

  • 7am-11am – Morning Grab and Go
  • 11:30am-1pm – Lunch Grab and Go
  • 5pm-10pm (or later if busy) – Hacker Lounge, featuring full bar, selection of pizzas, hamburgers, popcorn.

Help us make the best of this situation.  I hear the space will be awesome when finished and we’ll get to enjoy it next year.