First Round of Ticket Sales: Wednesday, November 1, 2023, Noon EDT
Second Round of Ticket Sales: Friday, December 1, 2023, Noon EST
Third Round of Ticket Sales: Saturday, December 16, 2023, Noon EST
ShmooCon XIX: Friday-Sunday, January 12-14, 2024


Please review the General Ticket Information and COVID guidelines.  Seriously.


ShmooCon registration is a three-step process — first you reserve a ticket, then we take a bit of time to verify all tickets were reserved fairly, and finally you receive a link via email to pay for your tickets and receive your barcodes.

The registration link will appear on at noon on each of the sales dates.  There’s nothing there now, but that’s where you’ll need to be a few minutes before ticket sales start.

After following the link, you will find yourself with reserved tickets or on the waitlist.  Be quick! All tickets are reserved and the waitlist fills in just a few seconds.

If you’ve been allocated tickets:

  • Bravo!
  • Choose the number of tickets you want. Initial allocations let you choose one or two tickets (bring a friend!) but if you come from the waitlist, you may only be able to reserve one ticket.
  • You must complete the form within five minutes to confirm your reservation, otherwise your reserved tickets will release to the waitlist.
  • Save the transaction ID you receive, just in case you fumble-finger your email address.

If you are waitlisted:

  • Refresh the waitlist page every 45-60 seconds to keep your place in line.  There is no need to hammer the box.
  • If tickets are made available to you, follow the instructions above for allocated tickets.

Once reservations are complete and reviewed for shenanigans, we will contact you via email with a link to complete the purchase.  This is usually within 2 hours. If you don’t receive an email to purchase within 24 hours, contact us with your transaction ID and we’ll figure out what happened.  Reservations that are not paid within 48 hours of receiving the payment email are forfeit.

Once your purchase is complete, you will be issued a barcode for entry to the con!

If you’d like to know more about our current thoughts and methodology around ticket sales, you can read about that here.


Because we can’t say it enough:

  • There will be many barcodes, but the one we send you is your own.
  • Your barcode is your best friend.
  • Without it, you cannot get into the con.
  • Without the con, your barcode is useless.
  • Each barcode can only be used once, so if you share it the first one in the door wins.

Let us know your favorite time traveling movies plus any other questions or concerns by contacting uhere.