Back to the future by popular demand, its Year 3 of ShmooFAQ, a hacker quiz audience participation game show! There will be laughs, jeers, cheers, and trivial questions over a wide range of difficulty levels and topics… [PSST GIVE YOUR F5ers A REST!] Everyone in the audience can win awesome prizes, even Shmoo tickets for next year.

Come ready to play with a team of 3… or if you don’t have a team, come and we will find you some new friends to play along with! Think of a clever team name, glam it up with some audacious matching outfits, win prizes for your creativity. You’re not going to want to miss it!

You will need at least one internet connected mobile device per team to play! Charge it up!

Questions? Comments? Flux Capacitor Problems? 
Follow @lintile on Xitter or Mastodon ( for clues!

Games, Gamez, and More

Also making its way from the past to the present in is ShmooCon Game Night!

We’ve added some new games to last year’s inventory, so there are plenty of options for folks to check out and play in a relaxed environment (never mind the occasional shouts of “Jenga!” coupled with the associated crashing of wooden blocks). There will be lots of space to sit down with old friends and we encourage you to take the opportunity to make new friends.

The vibe for Game Night is very chill and easy going in an environment that lets you just hang out after a long day at the con. No “untz untz”, but lots of “Uno!” and “Yahtzee!” instead.