11/30 – edited to add:
It’s come to our attention that we had an issue with the bulk email notifications we sent out and that some of you may not have heard from us yet.  We’re correcting that now, and everyone should have their notifications by mid-day.

The Shmooze-A-Student program for ShmooCon 2018 has come to a close.  

Unsurprisingly, the Shmooze-A-Student program continues to grow. This year we accepted 37 Shmoozers.  We shut down the Shmoozer application window early as the applications were pouring in.  We get it’s an easy way to both get a ticket and do a good thing, so we’re excited by the response.  At the same time, we don’t want the Shmoozer process to become a huge side door into attending the con. When we reached what we felt were “enough,” we shut things down.

However, we kept the Student application window open for the entire time. In the end, we accepted 83 students.  Yeah, you read that right – that’s more than last year.  All complete applications that were turned in before the deadline were accepted.  Those who applied late or did not provide all the information requested were not considered.  It’s a small barrier for entry but it’s there for a reason.

We’re thrilled about the turn out this year. Eighty-three students will get free admission to the conference and a $200 stipend. That’s ~ 5% of all general attendees. And we know that even more students are present each year (we’re looking at you RIT, Penn State, Penn College of Technology, USMA, USNA…). We’re happy to be able to provide the opportunity for those entering the field to attend, learn, and meet others who share their passion.