We are pleased to announce (most of) the speakers for ShmooCon 2020.  We’re still waiting to get final confirmation from just a few folks, and we’ll share those names with you as soon as we do. Bios and abstracts are coming soon!


  • What if we had TLS for Phone Numbers? An introduction to SHAKEN/STIR – Kelley Robinson
  • Reverse Engineering Apple’s BLE Continuity Protocol For Tracking, OS Fingerprinting, and Behavioral Profiling – Sam Teplov
  • Robots and Privacy – Brittany Postnikoff
  • Zoom 0-Day: How not to handle a vulnerability report – Jonathan Leitschuh
  • Think of the Kitten: The truth about section 230, the law all the cute online cat pictures (and a lot of other good stuff) depends on – Cathy Gellis
  • Moose v. Woodchuck – Samantha Livingston


  • Adventures in Hardware Hacking or Building Expensive Tools on a Budget – Zac Franken
  • Knowing the UnFuzzed and Finding Bugs with Coverage Analysis – Mark Griffin
  • A Wireless Journeyman’s Experience in Practical SIGINT – Russell Handorf
  • The Verilog to Verilog Decompiler – Katie Liszewski
  • Voight-Kampff for Email Addresses: Quantifying email address reputation to identify spear-phishing and fraud – Josh Kamdjou
  • Whitelisting LD_PRELOAD for Fun and No Profit – Tony Lambert
  • Privacy Scores for iOS Apps – Noelle Garrett
  • Extracting an ELF from an ESP32 – Chris Lyne, Nick Miles


  • Chip Decapping on a Budget – Zach Pahle
  • Banjo: An Android disassembler for Binary Ninja – Austin Ralls
  • The Problem with Sandbox Solutions – Grant Seltzer Richman


  • Real World Zero Trust Implementation – Mark Loveless
  • Command and KubeCTL: Real-world kubernetes security for pentesters – Mark Manning
  • Vendors, and Risk, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh My: How to create a vendor review process from the ground up – Wendy Knox Everette
  • Project Everest: Fast, correct, and secure software for deployment now! – Jonhathan Protzenko, Nikhil Swamy
  • Anti-Forensics for Fun and Privacy – Alissa Gilbert
  • Airplane Mode: Cybersecurity @ 30,000+ Feet – Olivia Stella
  • Battling Supermutants in the Phishing Wasteland – Ashlee Benge, Zack Allen


  • Teen Hacks for Obfuscating Identity on Social Media – Russel Mosley, Samantha Mosely
  • Software Mitigations for Hardware Vulnerabilities – Antonio Gomez
  • SBOM: Screw it, we’ll do it live! – Allan Friedman, Audie
  • Security Researcher OPSEC – Krassimir Tzvetanov


  • Crossing the Border With Your Electronic Devices – Kurt Opsahl, Bill Budington
  • The Hacker’s Guide to Cybersecurity Policy in 2020 – Jen Ellis, Nick Leiserson, Leonard Bailey, Kurt Opsahl
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Ransomware Response! – Heather Smith
  • Hack the Stars – Yacko, Wacko, Dot
  • The Cyberlous Mrs. Maisel: A Comedic (and slightly terrifying) Introduction to Information Warfare – J. Zhanna Malekos Smith, J.D.
  • 5G Protocol Vulnerabilities and Exploits – Roger Piqueras Jover
  • Hacking Democracy: On Securing an Election – Casey Ellis, Tod Beardsley, Kimber Dowsett, Jack Cable
  • Playing the Short Game: The effects of data breaches on share prices – Chaim Sanders


  • Face/Off: Action Plan for Perils & Privileges of Facial Recognition – Elizabeth Wharton, Suchi Pahi
  • Using OSINT for Human Rights and Victim Support – Rae Baker
  • Cisco SMB Products – Critical Vulnerablities / 0-day Release – Ken Pyle
  • Resistance Isn’t Futile: A practical approach to prioritizing defenses with threat modeling – Katie Nickels