For all of you ShmooCon ticket holders there are a few things to consider in the weeks leading up to the con:

First and foremost – if you haven’t made your hotel reservation, you should do that now.

Then take a look at the following events that require some pre-planning from you if you’re going to participate:

ShmooCon Labs – Who, what, when, and how the ShmooCon Network gets built. Hopefully the where is somewhat obvious.

Firetalks – an evening evening event that tests the skills of those who stand on the stage. Six participants go before a panel of judges and get their presentations critiqued live.

Barcode Shmarcode – Where you take your barcode and transform it into something amazing. Prizes include a ticket to ShmooCon 2021.

Amateur Radio Exams – If you’re interested in becoming an Amateur Radio operator or hold a license you’d like to upgrade, there will be an Amateur Radio Licensing Exam Session at ShmooCon.

For everyone else – Yes, we will be live streaming the talks, and we hope you can join us! Viewing information will get posted to the site just prior to con time.