Generally this time of year you’re starting to get updates from us regarding the CFP, sponsorship, and a multitude of other con related subjects. Unfortunately this year we have a different kind of announcement for you.

Due to the pandemic and the many unknowns still ahead of us in the next months, there will be no in-person ShmooCon in January.

Making this decision was bittersweet. We remained hopeful coming into the summer that things might be different towards the end of the year. However, current DC regulations don’t allow us to host an event that even comes close to a normal ShmooCon. Even if DC moves to the next phase in the next few months, it still wouldn’t allow us to host the ShmooCon you know and expect. Most importantly when taking into consideration the health and safety of our staff and attendees, it was obvious that this was the correct course of action.

So, now you know. What you don’t know is what we may or may not yet do in 2021. We’ve got some ideas and we’ll be posting an update about that soon. In the meantime do the 2020 thing of staying safe and remember to try to make the “moose out of life”.

(Sorry. You knew we’d have to mention moose somewhere.)