At long last…an update!

TL/DR – We are cautiously moving forward with plans to host ShmooCon 2022 as in in-person event.  Stay tuned for details.

The slightly longer version – Yes, an in-person event!  But here’s the thing, we don’t quite yet know what that’s going to look like.  COVID is still here and a forefront concern in our planning.  Given that the con is still 4 months away and how dynamic the situation is, we are holding off (and frankly stalling) on some of the bigger decisions until more data is available.  

What does this mean to you?  A few things:

  • Ticket Sales – We’ve pushed back that initial ticket sales date until Nov. 14.  It’s a two week delay, but that’s two more weeks of information in our pockets.  
  • Con Schedule and Events – It’s almost certain you’ll be seeing some changes here.  Nothing to announce now, just be aware it’s coming.
  • There is a Plan B – Always good to have a back-up plan, right?  Let’s hope we don’t have to use it, but we figured you’d like knowing that ShmooCon will happen one way or another next year.

So.  Consider the website updated for now with more updates to come in the next few weeks.  We’re working hard behind the scenes to hopefully bring you a safe and fun ShmooCon 2022.