Just a head’s up – the Call for Papers Early Bird submission deadline is this Friday, October 16.  If you want to be under early consideration get your papers into us soon.  Don’t have time yet?  Don’t worry -the CFP does not officially close until November 20th.  We should also remind folks that all papers remain under consideration until final notifications are sent (so if you submit early but aren’t accepted, you’re still in the running).

A quick note regarding that hotel block.  We promise it’s not full yet.  The outlier days (wed and sun night) do tend to fill up faster and as they’ve already done (and done many times in previous years) the hotel will kindly add more into our block if they have the rooms available.  The room block itself is a contractual committment which allows us to get other things (like the actual con space) for less/free.  We’ve set our numbers based on previous year’s bookings and while we meet our commitment yearly, it’s not like we go over it by leaps and bounds.  This is a big part of why we continue to ask that if you’re booked at the Hilton outside of our block that you send us your reservation  ids.  We’ll share more about this at the Own the Con session this year.