Before we dive into any kind of detail, allow us to first apologize again and thank you for your tested and true patience.   Believe it or not, we had a good run of successful ticket sales for a few years and we’re going to get there again – one way or another.  That’s our promise to you.

This afternoon has been spent taking a closer look at the day’s events.  We’ve always known we are somewhat unique in our sales model but that point gets driven home when the hosting provider says something akin to “We’ve been monitoring the chaos all day and have never seen anything like this before!”  Yay us!

In brief – We are now being hosted on an Enterprise level infrastructure which includes load balancing, multiple web servers, and a stand alone database server.  The moose cluster lives again!  We’re pretty hopeful this set up can take whatever we throw at it, but we’d like to test that again with your help.  If you’re online at 8pm we once again invite you to hit the human reg page and hopefully we can simulate a sales cycle.  Keep an eye on twitter and we’ll signal the start and finish of the test.

The kicker is it’s not super economical to stay hosted like this, even if just for the 2 months in which ticket sales take place.  So.  We’re going to have to come up with a better solution for next year.  There are several ideas on the table and we’re already exploring the pros and cons of each.

Again, thank you.  We appreciate the feedback we’ve received and are putting it to good use.  As my mama said, “To get things done, you’d better not mess with Major Tom.”