ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are pleased to announce the speakers for ShmooCon 2016.  We’re still waiting on confirmation from just a few folks, but here’s the bulk of the line up.

We’ll have an update for you on ticket sales soon too.  We think we have a working solution and are in the near final stages of getting things set up and tested.  Our goal – and this is unofficial at the moment – is to run the sales round on Dec 12 as planned, but it will be Rounds 2 and 3 combined.  In other words, only one more sale for ShmooCon 2016.  We’ll make an official decision soon so watch here and twitter for the announcement.

But back to those speakers – we’re pretty excited about what’s going to be on stage in January.  Look for abstracts and the schedule to posted and updated soon.

ShmooCon 2016 Speaker Line Up

One Track Mind

  • When Onions Make You Cry or Why We Treat Tor Users Differently – Jim Rennie
  • Hiding from the Investigator: Understanding OS X and iOS code signing to hide data – Joshua Pitts
  • Breaking Bulbs Briskly by Bogus Broadcasts – Joseph Hall and Ben Ramsey
  • #thingswikfound #omarax: What is it, and why you may care? – Jaime Filson
  • Crypto and Quantum and Post Quantum – Jean-Philippe Aumasson
  • Static Malware and SMTP Mail Analysis using General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPU) – Rick Wesson

Build It

  • The Road to SYSTEM: Recycling Old Vulnerabilities for Unpatched Privilege Escalation and A New Network Attack – Stephen Breen
  • Be Free, Little GuardBunny! – Kristin Paget
  • Penetration Testing Custom TLS Stacks – Alex Moneger
  • (P|G)Ohst Exploitation – Carl Vincent
  • Compressed Context Based Analytic Results for Use in Computer Vision System for Network Defense – Rob Weiss and John Eberhardt
  • Reverse-Engineering Wireless SCADA Systems – Karl Koscher
  • LostPass: Pixel-perfect LastPass phishing – Sean Cassidy
  • 0wn the Con

Belay It

  • AVLeak: Turning Antivirus Emulators Inside Out – Alex Bulazel
  • Attack on Titans: A survey of new attacks against big data and machine learning – Andrew Ruef and Rock Stevens
  • Using the Algebraic Eraser to Secure Low-Power and Passive IoT Devices – Derek Atkins
  • Speak Security and Enter: Better ways to communicate with non-technical users – Jessy Irwin
  • Users Are People Too: How to make your tools not suck for humans – Gillian Andrews and Sara Sinclair Brody
  • Software Security by the Numbers – Chris Eng
  • No Easy Breach: Challenges and lessons learned from an epic investigation – Nick Carr Matt Dunwoody
  • My Hash is my Passport: Understanding web and mobile authentication – David Schuetz
  • Building an Encyclopedia of Malware Configs (to punch miscreants) – Jon Bambenek

Bring it On

  • This Message Will Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds: Avoiding Bilateral Enucleation – 3Alarm Lampscooter
  • You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet : New paradigms for policy, regulation, and community engagement – Mara Tam, Vincenzo Iozzo, Jeff Moss, Randy Wheeler, Mudge
  • LTE Security and Protocol Exploits – Roger Piqueras Jover
  • Exploiting Memory Corruption Vulnerabilities on the FreeRTOS Operating System – Joel Sandin
  • Political Pwnage: The Hacker’s Guide to Cybersecurity Policy – Jen Ellis and Nick Leiserson
  • Resistance is Futile: SDN assimilating our networks – Sarah Rees and Jonathan Medina
  • Making Milware: An Interdisciplinary Tryst – Trey Herr and Eric Armbrust
  • Online, No One Knows You’re Dead – Andrew Kalat