A short post with some end of the year stats related to ticket sales.

There were 1500 tickets released in two sales rounds.

Across both rounds:
All tickets were held in 1 minute and 56.58 seconds
The wait list filled up 6 seconds after that.
In other words we sold out in 2 minutes and 2.58 seconds. <– Usually what folks want to know.
All reservations were completed in 24 minutes and 3 seconds.

Remember – the sold out time is high due to the change propagation issues in round one.

Tickets reserved per transaction:
Round One – 287 reservations were for 2 tickets, 26 were for one.
Round Two – 429 reservations were for 2 tickets, 42 were for one.

Looking at tickets purchased:
681 Unique IPs
725 Unique Email Addresses
691 purchased in one round
34 purchased in both rounds

This is just part of the picture (and we certainly look and compare these numbers to other stats here behind the scenes), but this should give you a general idea of what ShmooCon ticket sales looked like from the server side.