First Things First – What was the Blank Page and Why Did I Get One:

As we briefly explained in an earlier tweet:

For those that got a blank page, our apologies. Looks like when we ran out of tickets we ran out of things to say too. If you got a blank page, the round was already sold out. 

Honest feels time.  When we first saw the blank page report, our already anxious states went straight to panic while we scrambled to look at the logs.  In the end we can confirm that sales did happen as usual – we had a small error in our sold out logic that caused many of you to not get the sold out message.  Nobody was refused out of turn, and tickets got reserved in the manner we expected. We feel badly about this and the distrust it causes in our potential attendees. We promise our primary goal is for the ticket process to be fair, while also maintaining our other goals outlined in this old post here.  

Round One Ticket Stats:

500 tickets were released this round.

All tickets were held in 6.46 seconds. 

The waitlist filled up  .32 seconds after that.

So, by our definition, we sold out in 6.78 seconds.  At this point all tickets are accounted for and we take down the registration link.  It does take longer for reservations to be completed.

The first reservation was completed 7.5 seconds after registration officially opened.

All reservations were complete in 3 minutes and 13 seconds.

In the last ten seconds before we updated the landing page to include the reg link, we saw an average of 2400 page requests per second with an average of 1000 different IPs per second.  Peak bandwidth usage was 31.2 Mbps.

Taking a look at reservations it appears that there are:

  • 10 IPs with 1 ticket
  • 159  IPs with 2 tickets
  • 23 IPs with more than 2 <— mostly businesses/schools

Congrats to all who were successful.  The next round is Dec. 1st – Noon, EST.