Some of you saw a 404:

A quick note about our bot catching mechanisms. We’re constantly updating our process to try to catch as much automated reservations as possible while also taking into account user feedback and trying to streamline the experience. This round we had an intermediate page we used to try to catch bots.  This caught a handful of you (some bots, some not). Unfortunately it wasn’t as clear (read “big”) as it should have been that you real users needed to reload the page to continue on your ticket purchasing quest.  We do apologize for that and will make changes in the next round.  Then again, we always do that anyway.  

Round One Ticket Stats:

500 tickets were released this round.

All tickets were held in 5.08 seconds. 

The waitlist filled up .71 seconds after that.

So, by our definition, we sold out in 5.79 seconds.  At this point all tickets are accounted for and we take down the registration link.  It does take longer for reservations to be completed.

The first reservation was completed 7.88 seconds after registration officially opened.

All reservations were complete in 12 minutes and 18 seconds (that one last ticket bounced around quite a bit before it found a home).

In the last ten seconds before we updated the landing page to include the reg link, we saw an average of 1900 page requests per second with an average of 1488 different IPs per second.  Peak bandwidth usage was 238 Mbps (let’s blame those moose pictures).  After we went live, the average page request per second sky rocketed to 3456 (again those pesky moose pictures).

Taking a look at reservations it appears that there are:

  • 17 IPs with 1 ticket
  • 193 IPs with 2 tickets
  • 18 IPs with more than 2 <— mostly businesses/schools/gov’t agencies

Congrats to all who were successful.  The next round is Dec. 1st – Noon, EST.