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When does reg open? When does reg close? Who is speaking when? What time is the lunch break?
Not able to make it to the Hilton this year? We will be live streaming all of the talks on Twitch.
For information about ShmooCon 2022 COVID policies and vaccine requirements click here. Last updated 3/9.

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New Room Block Info

We finally have the new room block information. You can make your reservations using the this link or by calling 1-800-774-1500 and referencing GROUP code SHM1. As always, if you book a room at the Hilton outside of our block (meaning you didn’t…

ShmooCon Postponed

This is even harder than talking about ticket sales – might as well tear the bandage off quickly and just get it over with. ShmooCon 2022 is being postponed to March 24-26, 2022. (More about those dates below.) Up until a few days…

End of Year Ticket Sales Stats

Let’s answer the big question first: How fast did tickets sell out this year? There were 1425 tickets released across all three rounds. All tickets were held in 30.07 seconds The waitlist filled up 2.11 seconds after that In other words ShmooCon 2022…

Round Three Ticket Stats

225 tickets were released this round.All tickets were held in 11.02 seconds. The waitlist filled up 1.01 seconds after that. So, by our definition, we sold out in 12.03 seconds (longer than last round).  At this point all tickets are accounted for and we take down…

Round Two Ticket Stats

Many more people tried to get tickets this round and fewer tickets were up for grabs.   550 tickets were released this round.All tickets were held in 10.15 seconds. The waitlist filled up .43 seconds after that. So, by our definition, we sold out…

Round Two Ticket Sales

is today at Noon, EST. As always if you’re new to the process, we suggest you take the time to read the following pages: General Information Human Registration

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