A.   Have you read the ShmooCon CFP in its entirety? It helps if you do.

B.  Are you aware of all CFP deadlines and dates?

      • September 25, 2023 – CFP opens
      • November 28, 2023 – CFP closes at 11:59 PM, EST
      • December 12, 2023 – CFP notifications go out
      • January 12-14, 2024 – ShmooCon XIX

C.  Is your document in PDF or TXT format?

D.  Is your document formatted following the outline below (it includes all the items requested, in the order requested)? Submissions that do not follow this format risk being rejected without review.

Title of Presentation

      1. Presenter(s) Name
      2. Abstract of your presentation limited to 200 words or less for use in the ShmooCon program and on the website.
      3. Bio limited to 100 words for you OR your group (not 100 words per person).
      4. Detailed Description – the most important part of your submission. You need to provide detailed information that demonstrates your knowledge of your topic and how you will present it to the audience.  Do not rely on your abstract to be enough for the review committee. It isn’t.
      5. Track/Length Preference – If you submit to more than one track or more than one length option, tell us how you would adjust your presentation accordingly.  Do not leave this out.  Examples:  If selected for the 20 minute time slot, I would…  If selected for the 50 minute, I would add or change…  If selected for Belay it, I would focus my presentation more on…  If selected for Build It, I would instead focus on….
      6. Why do you feel this submission is a good fit for ShmooCon?
      7. List of other conferences at which submission has been presented or submitted.
      8. Are you a potential first time presenter at ShmooCon? Have you spoken at any other conferences?  If yes, which ones?
      9. List of facilities requested beyond what is already provided (power, projector with HDMI input, sound projection, and internet connectivity).

E.  Have you submitted your paper via HTTPS://CFP.SHMOOCON.ORG?

F.  Have you received a confirmation email of your submission? If not, please let us know at and include your name, submission title and email used for submission (after checking spam folders, etc).

If you answered “yes” to items A-F above, congrats!  You have successfully made a submission to ShmooCon XIX!  Thanks and you’ll hear from us on or before December 12th.