ShmooCon Videos are Up

Posted On: 2015-01-28 18:55:31

The full set of this year's talks are now up at  Over the next few days we'll be adding slides, etc but for now it's just one big long list.  Thanks to Jason Scott and for helping us out with this!

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Schedule Update

Posted On: 2015-01-15 22:33:20

The Sunday morning 10am talk "The Mile High Club: Getting Root at 40,000 Feet" has been cancelled.  It is being replaced with:

Crypto Without Computers
Ben Agre

This is a study of the evolution of cryptography before computers, through what can be done today sans computer.  I will use this as a guiding principle through some of the earlier days of cryptography.  Beginning by looking at simpler attacks, moving on through the VIC cipher and the foundations of modern cryptography.

Secondly we will add and analyze twists to old classics making arguable to reason about the security of the modified constructions.

Finally we will take a moment and talk about what computers don't do well, and propose some ideas on where you can play that computers can't.


Ben Agre has dabbled in everything from VR, to OS development and a non trivial amount of crypto.  He tends to wander around and break things.

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It's beginning to look a lot like ShmooCon...

Posted On: 2015-01-15 11:23:21

it’s beginning to look a lot like ShmooCon
Boxes everywhere
Grab a badge and a bag and then, figure out where to go and when,
While dodging all the ShmooBalls in the air.

It’s beginning to look a lot like ShmooCon
Banners on the walls
But the geekiest sight you’ll see is the hackers that will be
standing in the halls.

A pair of badges for friends and the fun to not end
is the wish of Joe Attendee
Talks that don’t suck and not to get stuck*
Is the hope of the geekery
And Heidi and Bruce can hardly wait to claim their house again!

*in the coffee shop.  If you don't understand the reference I'm sure it will come up at some point over the weekend.

Yeah so...ShmooCon starts tomorrow and while we'll still be doing a bit of posting over the weekend we're going to take one last moment to point out all the cool happenings at the con.

Spend some time in the Lockpick Village or scanning documents from the DeCSS case. And it's not too late to put the finishing touches on an entry for the Barcode Shmarcode contest. New this year are the Golden Flag Awards honoring Capture the Flag contests from the past year. In the evenings find Fire Talks and starting Friday night, Infosec Family Fud.

A complete list is on the Events Page.

And of course there's the Saturday night party - a Moosey Experiment - starting at 9pm in the hotel. Your badge gets you in the door. Check out the program for more details.

Live streaming links will be posted Friday before the talks start.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @shmoocon for up to the minute info throughout the weekend.

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Come to ShmooCon and get a ticket to Blackhat for $20!

Posted On: 2015-01-15 09:01:49

Crazy, right?

ShmooCon has rented out a showing of Blackhat the movie on Friday night and then donated those tickets back to this year's conference charities.  You have an opportunity to attend a movie about hackers with a roomful of your favorite hackers all while supporting one of your favorite hacker charities.  Can it get any better?

167 tickets on sale at the Hackers for Charity booth in the Chill Out room.  
Tickets are $20 donation to either the EFF or HFC - your choice!
Show starts promptly at 8:15 (no trailers, so don't be late).

More details at opening ceremonies.

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CFP Metrics 2015

Posted On: 2015-01-15 08:51:44


Total of 182 Submissions.  Pretty much the same number of submissions as last year.
35 Accepted for normal speaking slots.   2 Alternates.  
Acceptance Rate = 19.2%  Including alternates = 20.3%

233 unique names on submissions (some submissions had more than one author, some authors made more than one submission).

Using dubious best guess methods (based on obvious indication by name or personal knowledge):

  • 214 male
  • 18 female
  • 1 hat


Talks submitted per track (some talks were submitted to multiple tracks):

  • Belay It -  59  
  • Bring It On - 80
  • Build It - 59
  • One Track Mind - 53

Belay It - Submissions were up this year, but only by a wee bit.
Bring it On -  A few less than last year but still a lot of submissions here.  
Build It - Submissions were up, but lacking in cut and dry hardware builds
One Track Mind - Less submissions than last year, but for the first time we filled this track solely from these submissions

Word Trends (How many times each word appeared in the submissions.  Many more obviously, but just a few that jumped out):

241 security
129 data
  81 new
  67 malware
  64 threat
  59 intelligence
  50 analysis
  41 software
  31 internet
  30 web
  28 vulnerability
  26 applications
  26 windows
  26 incident
  26 different
  25 cyber <- down again!
  25 defense
  24 vulnerabilities
  22 code
  21 malicious
  20 forensics
  19 cloud
  19 encryption
  19 iot
  18 phishing
  17 hardware
  17 computer
  16 science
  16 ios
  15 secure
  15 usb
  15 cryptography
    1 thumbs


Our selection committee this year was comprised of 18 people.  We use an open source system called OpenConf to collect, read and review the CFP proposals.  There are no hard rules for our reviewers, we  prefer that they read each paper with their own unique point of view and skill sets.  However, the committee keeps in mind ShmooCon's emphasis on new and upcoming speakers - both to ShmooCon and to the industry in general.  There is also a strong emphasis on never before presented material as well as talks that include the release of open source code.  Talks that have been given repeatedly or have been submitted to multiple cons in the future tend to get rated down by our reviewers.  Talks that have been given before but promise new/updated material are given more leeway.  

After the committee has finished doing their reviews the Program Chairs along with Bruce and Heidi take that information and start to build a program.  This is a game of score, topic, and track balancing and can take several days as we work across time zones. 

This year's selection committee consisted of the following people:

Ben Laurie* - Program Chair
Jon Callas* - Program Chair
Heidi Potter* - Conference Organizer
Bruce Potter*- Conference Organizer
Wade Benson*
Tamzen Cannoy*
Sandy Clark
Frank Clowes
Andrew Hobbs*
Toby Kohlenberg*
Logan Lodge*
David Mortman
Todd Nagengast*
Chris John Riley
Tim Vidas*
and then those who shall not be named

*members of The Shmoo Group


Thank you.  Per the email we sent everyone who didn't get selected this year, as it bears repeating:  We very much appreciate your submission and we encourage you to submit again next year or to some alternate venue.  Many great talks were turned away and it is our hope that some of those reach audiences by other means.

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