Early Accepts

Posted On: 2014-11-04 11:45:13

ShmooCon is pleased to announce our first 2 speakers for 2015:

Daniel J. Bernstein and Tanja Lange - NaCl: A New Crypto Library
Kristen K. Greene, Joshua Franklin and John Kelsey - Tap On, Tap Off: Onscreen Keyboards and Mobile Password Entry

The CFP is still open until November 20th, so if you're planning on submitting you'd best get on that!

Many of you are aware that in all the years past we have allowed those whose talks were not accepted to purchase a ShmooCon ticket.  To be clear, this was never something we announced or promised - just something we quietly did to reward those who made the effort to submit as we figured these were the type of people we wanted to see at the con anyway.

Over the years the cat, or moose, has definitely gotten out of the bag and we realized we needed to re-evaluate.  What we don't want to see is dummy or cheap submissions being made simply to take advantage of the ticket offer.  Last year the bar was set pretty low.  If you followed directions, you got the offer.  If you didn't - no ticket option for you.  We'll be doing something similar this year, although the metric will most likely change.  

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And just for some fun...

Posted On: 2014-11-01 12:23:13

The catpcha question this round was:

What kind of science?  (hint the answer is "weird")

No we weren't trying trip people up.  The answer was not case sensitive or anything like that.  It simply had to be spelled correctly.

Here is what was captured by the captcha:

1 email address (not posted here)
1 %22wierd%22
1 0
6 Computer
1 Cyrpo
1 Dd
3 Mad
1 Psuedo
1 Real
1 Rocket
1 Security
1 Shmoo
1 Space
1 WEird
157 Weird
6 Weird+
11 Wierd
4 computer
1 cw
1 freaky   
4 mad
2 rocket
1 stragne
1 we+o.j.+rd
1 weid
2 weiord
947 weird
7 weird+
1 weord
5 werid
1 werird
1 weurd
1 wieird
39 wierd
1 wird
1 xkcd

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Ticket Sales Round 1 Stats

Posted On: 2014-11-01 12:07:23

600 tickets were released this round.

All tickets were held in 8.96 seconds.
The wait list filled up 8.41 seconds after that.
So in other words we sold out in 17.37 seconds.
First reservation was completed 6.2 seconds after registration officially opened.
All reservations were complete in 5 minutes 40 seconds.

Again - we consider ourselves sold out for the round once the wait list is filled up.  At this point all tickets are accounted for and we take down the registration link.  It takes a bit of time beyond that for the actual reservations to get completed and for the tickets to work their way through the wait list which is why we provide that time stamp as well.

Congrats to everyone who scored tickets this round.  To those of you who didn't - you still have two more chances.  Round 2 will be on Dec 1st and round 3 follows shortly thereafter on Dec 14th.

Confirmation emails with purchasing information will be sent out within the hour.

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Ticket sales...tomorrow!

Posted On: 2014-10-31 19:32:19

Happy Halloween folks.

Early accept notices have been sent out.  Once we get confirmation from the authors we will announce them on the website.  In the meantime, keep those submissions coming.  The CFP closes on November 20th.  And if you already submitted but didn't receive an email from us tonight - you're still in consideration for the final line up.  We will notify all submissions of their status on December 5th.

Oh and I suppose we should remind you tomorrow is a ticket sales day.  Noon EST.  Good luck!

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Hotel Room Block Open

Posted On: 2014-10-15 08:52:06

The con block at the Washington Hilton is now open.  You can make your reservation using the code SHM.  Rate per night is $178 for a single/double room.  

AN IMPORTANT REQUEST:  If you have booked your room at the HILTON (if you're staying at a different hotel - no need to let us know) outside of our block please email us your name and/or reservation id.  This will allow us to get credit for your room towards our room commitment. 

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