Just for some fun and to try something new, this year’s Saturday night party will start with some stand up comedy.  3 of our own will dare to take the stage and see if they can’t make you snort your drink.

Brett Thorson (THOR!) began his professional career on the beauty pageant circuit, until a freak snowmobile accident forced him into the world of international eBay arbitrage. After stints undercover as a martial arts instructor in Canada and a fish merchant in Mongolia, he made his name posing as a home ec teacher in Albuquerque, where he helped to bring down a meth kingpin working at the same school. You can find Thor¹s fan club on My Face and in the cloud. Cyber.

Jason Blanchard was bestowed the gift of entertaining at birth due to a freak accident with a radioactive trout. Some may call him a thrill seeker, but all agree, the difference between thrill and attention is if it ends up online or not. Jason¹s sets are rooted from real life experiences of being a father to a 10-year old daughter and a husband of 17 years. You can find his official unofficial fan club on Twitter at @BanjoCrashland.

MadMex started on a Commodore 64 and a 300 baud modem writing jokes on BBSes. 20 years later he uses the very same Commodore 64 to post Snapchat ASCII selfies. During his most recent comedy tour, he was named ³2nd Funniest Man Alive² in North Korea, second only to Supreme Leader, who is number one comic in all the land. MadMex can be found by hooking your acoustic coupler up to the pay phone and dialing into CBBS or wanderingthe streets looking for Pat Fleet.

This will be followed by the usual untz untz of Saturday night provided by:

Erin “bottles on bottles of bubbles” Jacobs (aka SecBarbie) who has a long history of brining the untz, unce, and wub to nursing homes, children’s hospitals, and employee sexual harassment training (giggity). When not hanging out with Ken in her dream-house, the Barbie has toured the world playing at events such as DEFCON, Ashley Madison relationship recovery parties, Holy Tugboat, and indoor cycling centers for the elderly. Follow her shenanigans online on Twitter at @SecBarbie.

Keith “sold the Lambo for Beer” Myers has focused much of his blood, sweat, and beers into rocking the hardest, most bad ass, kick you in the balls house music you will ever hear. With roots deeply stretched out in the San Francisco rave scene and cyber-trance culture, Keith progressed from playing parties in the early days to performing at sold-out, exclusive club nights. Keith has played in Amsterdam, DC, LA, Las Vegas, Mexico, San Francisco, and Seattle. You can keep tabs on Keith on twitter as @KeithMyers.

Sadly yes, you must have a badge to attend.  More details will be listed in the conference program.