ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are pleased to announce (most of) the speakers for ShmooCon 2017.  We’re still waiting to hear back from a few folks, but here’s who has confirmed with us so far.  We’ll get bios and abstracts posted soon and watch for that schedule to be updated in the next week or so as well.

Edited to add – Notifications were sent out on Friday.  We’re discovering that some of you may not have received anything from us.  We think this might be because the emails were sent from an AWS instance that some of your mail servers may have interpreted as spam.  Just let us know and we’ll forward the email directly.

Can a Drunk Person Authenticate Using Brainwaves? #NotAlcoholicsJustResearchers – Tommy Chin, Peter Muller
35 Years of Cyberwar: The Squirrels are winning – Space Rogue
Intercepting HTTP/2 with – Justin Palk

Exploring The Infrared World – Dominic Spill, Michael Ossmann
WaveConverter – An Open Source Software Tool for RF Reverse Engineering – Paul Clark
Designing and Executing the World’s First All-Computer Hacking Competition: A panel with the development team – Timothy Vidas, Chris Eagle, Brian Caswell, Jason Wright, Holt Sorenson, Mike Thompson
ripr – Run Slices of Binary Code from Python – Patrick Biernat
So You Want to Hack Radios – Marc Newlin, Matt Knight
A Context-Aware Kernel IPC Firewall for Android – David Wu, Sergey Bratus
I Have a Graph Database. Now What? – Nicolas Kseib, Simon Modi
0wn the Con – The Shmoo Group

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Fingerprinting: Authentication for Plug-in Electric Vehicles – Rebekah Houser
Who Wants to Allow Arbitrary Code Execution on their Boxes? We Do it Every Day. – Brian Redbeard, Brad Ison
Excuse me, Server, Do You Have the Time? – Brian Cardinale
Anti-Ransomware: Turning the Tables – Gal Shpantzer, G. Mark Hardy
Know Normal, Find Evil:  Windows 10 edition – Jake Williams
Goodnight Moon & the House of Horrors: A look at the current IoT ecosystem and the regulations trying to control it – Whitney Merrill, Aaron Alva
Operationalizing Security Data Science Solutions for Cloud  – Challenges, Tradeoffs and Solutions – Ram Shankar Siva Kumar, Andrew Wicker

The Metadata is the Message (and sometimes the Message is the Metadata) – Matt Blaze
A Nickel Tour of the Ad Fraud Ecosystem – Ryan Castellucci
A Widening Attack Plain: Threatcasting Tomorrow’s Threats – Natalie Vanatta, Brian David Johnson
Ask the Feds – Allan Freidman, Nick Leiserson, Eric Mill, Jessica Wilkerson
Challenges and Opportunities: Application Containers and Micro Services – Anil Karmel, Andrew Wild
Flailing is Learning: My First Year as a Malware Analyst – Lauren Pearce
háček: Computing a Hacker Experience – Allison Miller, Melissa Clarke, Margaret Schedel