The last few confirmations have arrived – so here’s the rest of that speaker line up.

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U2F Zero: Secure Hardware Design, DIY mass production, and Amazon Prime – Conor Patrick
Cyborg Self-Hacking: An Examination of Cochlear Implants – Jeff Dodge
Introducing Jak: Safely Share Sensitive Files via Git – Chris DiLorenzo

(In-)secure messaging with SCIMP and OMEMO – Sebastian Verschoor
User Focused Security at Netflix: Stethoscope – Andrew White, Jesse Kriss

LangSec for Penetration Testing: How and Why – Falcon Darkstar, Sergey Bratus
Defeating Sandbox Evasion: How to Increase Successful Emulation Rate in Your
Virtualized Environment – Stanislav Skuratovich, Alexander Chailytko
Does a BEAR Leak in the Woods? The Democratic National Committee breach, Russian APTs, and the 2016 U.S. Election – Toni Gidwani

The Threat Intel Results are in… You are NOT the hacker! : Disinformation Campaigns vs. Attribution Claims – Mark Kuhr
The State of Secure Messaging – Nikita Borisov, Sze Chuen
Ask the EFF: Protecting Tomorrow – Kurt Opsahl, Andrew Crocker