ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are pleased to announce (most of) the speakers for ShmooCon 2019.  We’re still waiting to get final confirmation from just a few folks, but we’re thrilled to share with you who has responded so far.

Bios and abstracts are coming soon and watch for that schedule to be updated in the next week or so as well.

Congrats to all!

One Track Mind – 
  • Machine Learning Models that Predict Mental Health Status on Twitter and Their Privacy Implications – Janith Weerasingh, Rachel Greenstadt
  • Ad-Laundering: Bribes & Backdoors – John Amirrezvani
  • It’s 2019 and Special Agent Johnny Still Can’t Encrypt – Matt Blaze
  • Incident Response and the Attorney Client Privilege – Wendy Knox Everette
  • Kinder Garten Security: Teaching the Pre-college Crowd – Sandra Gorka, Jacob Miller
  • How the Press Gets Pwned – David Huerta
Build It – 
  • Building and Selling Solo, an Open Source Secure Hardware Token – Conor Patrick
  • Writing a Fuzzer for Any Language with American Fuzzy Lop – Ariel Zelivansky
  • CryptoLocker Deep-Dive: Tracking security threats on the bitcoin public ledger – Olivia Thet, Nicolas Kseib
  • IPv666: Address of the Beast – Christopher Grayson, Marc Newlin
  • 24/7 CTI: Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intelligence – Xena Olsen
  • Patchwerk: Kernel Patching for Fun and Profit – Parker Wiksell, Jewell Seay
  • Be an IoT Safety Hero: Policing Unsafe IoT through the Consumer Product Safety Commission – Andrea Matwyshyn, Elliot Kaye
  • Process Control Through Counterfeit Comms: Using and Abusing Built-In Functionality to Own a PLC – Jared Rittle
Build It 20 – 
  • Trip Wire(less) – Omaha
  • Social Network Analysis: A scary primer – Andrew Wong, Phil Vachon
  • Three Ways DuckDuckGo Protects User Privacy While Getting Things Done (and how you can too) – Marc Soda
  • Post-quantum Crypto: Today’s defense against tomorrow’s quantum hacker – Christian Paquin
Belay It – 
  • IMSI Catchers Demystified – Karl Koscher
  • Looking for Malicious Hardware Implants with Minimal Equipment – Falcon Darkstar
  • High Confidence Malware Attribution using the Rich Header – Kevin Bilzer, RJ Joyce, Seamus Burke
  • Un-f*$#ing Cloud Storage Encryption – Adam Everspaugh
  • Electronic Voting in 2018: Bad or Worse? – Matt Blaze
  • Five-sigma Network Events (and how to find them) – John O’Neil
  • 0wn the Con – The Shmoo Group
Belay It 20 – 
  • Analyzing Shodan Images With Optical Character Recognition – Michael Portera
  • Raising the Dead to Save the Living: Active defense and cyber deception anyone can do – Jared Peck
  • A Code Pirate’s Cutlass: Recovering Software Architecture from Embedded Binaries – evm
  • iPhone Surgery for the Practically Paranoid – Evan Jensen, Rudy Cuevas
Bring It On – 
  • Ground Truth: 18 vendors, 6000 firmware images, 2.7 million binaries, and a flaw in the Linux/MIPS stack – Parker Thompson, Mudge, Tim Carstens
  • Reversing SR-IOV For Fun and Profit – Adir Abraham
  • Firemen vs. Safety Matches: How The current skills pipeline is wrong – Amélie Koran
  • Deconstructing DeFeNeStRaTe.C – Soldier of FORTRAN
  • Behind Enemy Lines: Inside the operations of a nation state’s cyber program – Andrew Blaich, Michael Flossman
  • The APT at Home: The attacker that knows your mother’s maiden name – Chris Cox
  • The Beginner’s Guide to the Musical Scales of Cyberwar – Jessica ‘Zhanna’ Malekos Smith
Bring It On 20 – 
  • Mentoring the Intelligent Deviant: What the special operations and infosec communities can learn from each other – Nina Kollars, Paul Brister
  • Advancing a Scientific Approach to Security Tool Evaluations with MITRE ATT&CK™ – Francis Duff
  • A Tisket, a Tasket, a Dark Web Shopping Basket – Emma Zaballos, Anne Addison Meriwether
  • A Little Birdy Told Me About Your Warrants – Avi Zajac