Getting these posted a bit later than usual, but here is the end of year ticket sales data:

So how fast did it sell out this year?

There were 1465 tickets released across all three rounds.

  • All tickets were held in 17.13 seconds
  • The waitlist filled up 2.53 seconds after that

In other words ShmooCon 2019 sold out in 19.66 seconds.

Remember – this is the time in which the “line” to reserve tickets fills up. It takes a few minutes more for people to fill out their email address, request 1 or 2 tickets, and actually complete the reservation.

Total time for all reservations to be complete across the three rounds was 21 minutes and 44 seconds.

Ok, Tell me more.

There were a total of 771 distinct  transactions across all three rounds.

Tickets reserved per transaction:

  • Round One – 242 reservations were for 2 tickets, 16 were for one
  • Round Two – 306 reservations were for 2 tickets, 38 were for one
  • Round Three – 146 reservations were for 2 tickets, 23 were for one

Looking at tickets purchased across all three rounds:

  • Unique IPs – 631
    • IPs with 1-2 transactions – 607
    • IPs with 3-6 transactions – 22
    • IPs with more than 7 transactions – 2
  • Unique Email Addresses – 686
    • 617 purchased in one round
    • 59 purchased in two rounds
    • 10 purchased in all three rounds

Does anyone on the waitlist ever get tickets?

This year a total of 45 people got tickets after being waitlisted.

  • 8 in round one
  • 21 in round two
  • 16 in round 3

And the rest of the tickets?  Who do they go to?

ShmooCon caps attendance at 2200 in order to preserve atmosphere, make effective use of our con space, and keep our sanity.

There are 1465 expected attendees from general ticket sales.  There are 82 students and 36 Shmoozers coming through the Shmooze-A-Student program.  75 students (with some faculty) coming from the service academies..  238 tickets are allocated to sponsors.  Pile on 60 speakers, 32 events folks (think lockpick village, wireless ctf, etc), 80 staff members, 15 registered members of the press, and a few other categories of tickets (donations, contest winners, etc) and we end up right against that 2200 goal.

What if I want to know more?

You can probably guess that the information here is just some of the highlights.  As we do every year, we’ll talk a bit more in depth about ticket sales and our philosophy behind it (as well as many other things) at the 0wn the con session on Saturday.