ShmooCon and The Shmoo Group are now soliciting papers and presentations for ShmooCon 2022. It’s been awhile – show us what you’ve been up to!Read More →

At long last…an update! TL/DR – We are cautiously moving forward with plans to host ShmooCon 2022 as in in-person event.  Stay tuned for details. The slightly longer version – Yes, an in-person event!  But here’s the thing, we don’t quite yet know what that’s going to look like.  COVIDRead More →

Generally this time of year you’re starting to get updates from us regarding the CFP, sponsorship, and a multitude of other con related subjects. Unfortunately this year we have a different kind of announcement for you. Due to the pandemic and the many unknowns still ahead of us in theRead More →

WHO SUBMITTED? Total of 219 submissions. This is up quite a bit from last year’s 168. 259 unique names on submissions (some submissions had more than one author, some authors made more than one submission) Using dubious, incomplete, and (somewhat) best guess methods: 200 Male 56 Female 3 Animaniacs WHATRead More →

We are pleased to announce (most of) the speakers for ShmooCon 2020.  We’re still waiting to get final confirmation from just a few folks, and we’ll share those names with you as soon as we do. Bios and abstracts are coming soon! ONE TRACK MIND What if we had TLSRead More →

For all of you ShmooCon ticket holders there are a few things to consider in the weeks leading up to the con: First and foremost – if you haven’t made your hotel reservation, you should do that now. Then take a look at the following events that require some pre-planningRead More →